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Did you know that 83% of businesses are more likely to do business with brands from which they receive promo products from?  Why is that?  2 reasons:  Brand Allure and Brand Loyalty.

Brand Allure:  8 out of 10 consumers said that they looked up a brand after receiving a promotional product.

Brand Loyalty:  Consumers who receive promotional products are more likely to increase brand loyalty.

Promotional products stand out as the consumer's choice in brand communication.  Want your consumer to act?  Giving out promo products is the most effective way to achieve that goal.  Period.

Here is where we come in; Our vastly knowledgable team of leading experts, from within the industry, are here to help you create incredible unique promotional products that match perfectly with your brand, message, and impact goals.  From the creative process, we listen to your needs, so that we can deliver a catered product that allows you to foster deeper connections and drive consumer loyalty.

No idea is impossible - Whether you are in a new or time-honoured, small business or big enterprise, branded merchandise is a marketers' favourite.


PrintOnThat is your one-stop-shop for everything promotional product related. 


Have a look around! You never know what you might find using our easy to navigate search engine.  You can access literally millions of promotional products available to be customized to your liking.  Don't worry if you can't find the exact thing you're dreaming of... one of our branding experts will be happy to bring your dreams into reality.  Reach out today for fast, friendly and competitive service!


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